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“Before working with Emma, I had lots of ideas, dreams and goals but was not able to anchor them with clear actions to take, or organize the steps to accomplish them… I felt frustrated because I wasn’t completing anything. Now I have put so many steps in place and I am actually completing them!”

Kristin Thompson, New York

“I used to work long hours and was paid peanuts for my work. I knew I could do better than that. I knew I had the knowledge and skills, but something was missing. The method Emma teaches was the missing piece I was looking for for so long!

Now I finally charge what I’m worth. My business (and life!) have turned 180 degrees. What a huge difference a few shifts in perspective, the right information and proper support can make!”

Tina Grilc, Slovenia

“Before working with Emma I had been dreaming of starting my own business for over 10 years but never got further than an idea in my head. Now (with two children under two) I am closer than ever to making my dream a reality…

A solid action plan including things I am working on now to attract actual paying clients and get my business up and running. Most importantly, I feel so inspired and finally have the confidence to really go for it and stop making excuses.”

Emma Middleton, UK

“Before working with Emma I was unclear how to explain what I do and how to structure my discussions with potential clients.

Now I am really clear in explaining what I do, I have a structured approach to the work and I am clear about how to present this professionally to potential clients. Emma’s approach is practical and informative offering advice that really helped me to see what steps to take next.”

Catherine Morgan, UK

“I knew I needed to raise my prices for my high-level program but something was stopping me. After being coached by Emma the awkwardness is gone and an old belief that keeps coming up every time I want to take my business to the next level has been replaced by another, more supporting belief. I have raised my prices today. I highly recommend Emma as a coach.”

Maiken Kuhl, Denmark

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“It’s not who you are that holds you back – it’s who you think you’re not” Emma Hague