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Wednesday 3rd May 2017



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Do you sometimes feel unsure about what you should be charging?

Ever feel like you can't charge what you want to, because you'll lose clients or you'd feel guilty charging more?

Do you feel frustrated that other people assume you must be loaded because you're self-employed when actually you still struggle with roller coaster cash flow?

Well, get excited because in this FREE training you're going to discover how to get started with the fastest and easiest method for improving your cash flow and your charging what you're worth!

This free training is for EVERY self-employed woman who has expertise to share (that includes you).

During this NEW training + Bonus checklist, you'll discover...

  • 4 Common Pricing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them (these are critical to know if your clients are individuals, small business owners or corporate)
  • What Makes Most Self-Employed Women Undercharge (PLUS how to make sure you don't)
  • The 3 Simple Steps To Raising Your Fees With Confidence And Integrity
  • The 1 ESSENTIAL Element You Must Have In Place To Successfully Raise Your Fees
  • How you can claim £150 OFF my brand new Package & Price To Sell Virtual Training - updated for 2017

I'm personally very excited to share this content with you — it's going to help you solve the "how do I increase my earnings without increasing my hours" problem forever!

Remember, it's completely FREE to join me, and you can listen to the training anywhere - on your smart phone, PC or tablet.


Emma Hague

UK Money, Marketing & Soul® Coach & Money Breakthrough Method® Mentor

P.S. I absolutely guarantee this free training will be loaded with useful
content you'll love – tips, strategies and how-to information – I promise!

AND by the end of this free training webinar you'll walk away with my pricing secrets checklist for immediately getting started increasing your fees.