Are you ready to create a profitable, unique & authentic business that will support you and your family for life?

Any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re passionate about growing your income, but are already working more hours than you would like
  • You’re feeling the stress of roller coaster cash flow but aren’t sure how to get out of this cycle
  • You know you're good at what you do, but are missing a clear plan to generate consistent business income right now
  • Your marketing efforts are hit-and-miss, and you’re not consistently attracting the right clients who will pay you what you’re worth
  • You enjoy challenging yourself, and you're ready to be committed, decisive and to make your success happen

If this is YOU then you’re not alone, and yes, a solution is right at your fingertips.

All you need is an experienced coach & mentor who will walk you through creating a clear, customised plan that is quick, simple and easy to implement, so that you can attract a steady stream of ideal clients.

The results? Better clients, increased income, greater free time and a life you love.


A proven path to creating a profitable, unique and authentic business that will support you and your family for life

A proven, step-by-step plan that gives you the following:

  • The solutions to challenges such as how to charge what you’re worth, attract more clients, brand your unique brilliance, create packages that sell and more.
  • Practical, nuts-and-bolts strategies and action steps as well as the transformational personal work that’s essential for you as an advancing entrepreneur
  • What to focus on (and what to let go of) to profitably grow your business and enjoy your life
  • More than just a collection of strategies – a way to grow your business that feels easy because all the pieces fit together (giving YOU a sense of ease)
  • Results! You consistently attract your ideal clients and generate increased income

Before working with Emma, I had lots of ideas, dreams and goals, but I was not able to anchor them with clear actions to take, or organize the steps to accomplish them. I had money goals, projects in the works, and products to create, but I felt frustrated because I wasn't completing anything. Now I have put so many steps in place, and I am actually completing them!

Kristin Hadley-Thompson Kristin Hadley-Thompson
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I’ve put all the programme details below, but first let me explain how I got to this point (and why I know that if you’re ready, this programme is going to help you).

When I started my first business 10 years ago I copied what I thought 'everyone else' was doing and charged by the hour. As a result of roller coaster cash flow (and no real idea how to actually handle money for myself) my business only lasted 2 years.

I ended up back in a 9-5 job, struggling to juggle full-time employment with family-life AND now in serious debt!

But I'd loved the freedom of self-employment - and I knew that working for myself was thEm 414 x 510e only way I could work towards creating the money I really wanted without sacrificing family time.

So when I fell pregnant with my 2nd daughter Daisy in 2009 I knew the time had come to try again. By now I'd learned that focusing on serving my ideal clients by creating amazing packages that would really help them enjoy serious results made much more sense and within 6 months of starting my new business I had filled my practice with clients I loved - and who provided me with regular, recurring income.

Through coaching with some of the USA's most high-profile coaches, I quietly mastered packages (including how to price them and how to communicate the value during a free conversation with potential clients) and began showing my clients this same, simple, hugely successful strategy.

I also learned how to get a grip on my own money - in my business and personal life  - and found it made a huge difference to everything! Not just my stress levels but my confidence, the type of clients I was attracting AND my plans for the future.

These easy to implement (but absolutely fundamental) secrets are the key to how I made my 2nd business work and am now in my 6th year of exponential growth helping other women get past that fight-or-flight stage in their own business.

If you're ready for a different type of training - more of a  just-show-me-what-to do-and-how-to-do-it-type training...then you're going to love this (I know I do!)

I knew I needed to raise my prices for my high-level program but something was stopping me. After being coached by Emma the awkwardness is gone and an old belief that keeps coming up every time I want to take my business to the next level has been replaced by another, more supporting belief. I have raised my prices today. I highly recommend Emma as a coach.

Maiken Kuhl Maiken Kuhl

Here’s a detailed outline of the modules we’ll coach on together so you attract more clients and generate greater income:


(Discover Your Unique, Lucrative Niche)

Are you ready to discover your authentic, lucrative niche so that you can attract and keep more ideal clients?

Revealing your niche is surprisingly easy with the simple steps I’ll walk you through.

Examples of what you'll discover in this eye-opening module:

  • Pinpoint your most lucrative niche (it's often right under your nose and I'll coach youKeys to discover it so you accomplish this important goal)
  • Re-invent your business without discarding what's working or starting over (sometimes, all it takes is a few simple tweaks to experience a surge in new business...I will coach you to quickly and confidently make those tweaks)
  • How to quickly eliminate any emotional blocks you may have to choosing your perfect niche (this is a simple mindset shift that will give you permission to confidently surge ahead in all areas of your business)
  • Determine if your niche is "hot or not"
  • Create an authentic marketing message (you'll love the template I’ll coach you through that teases out the right words for you to use)

I used to work long hours and was paid peanuts for my work. I knew I could do better than that. I knew I had the knowledge and skills, but something was missing. The method Emma teaches was the missing piece I was looking for for so long!

Now I finally charge what I'm worth. My business (and life!) have turned 180 degrees. What a huge difference a few shifts in perspective, the right information and proper support can make!"

Tina Grilc Tina Grilc


(CreateYour Own Unique Branded Programme)

Every business owner has their own special magic, but they need someone to help them transform that magic into a Signature System that tells clients exactly what they get when they hire you.

In this module, I'll walk you step by step through how to transform your expertise into an exciting Signature System that attracts a steady stream of ideal clients.

Here is just a sampling of how you can use your Signature System to generate new income:

  •  Quickly transform that "thing you do" into an exciting Signature SystemSystems that is easy to market and enroll new clients
  • Eliminate "what do I offer" overwhelm, clarifying your most profitable path to cash
  • Organise your services to create a signature line of packages, programmes, courses and more, taking clients through the steps of your Signature System
  • Get your knowledge organised into step-by-step 'chapters' for the book you want to write
  • Position yourself as a valued expert in the eyes of your ideal clients

Emma’s System is a really pragmatic way of getting you to think clearly about what your business is about . Before working with Emma I was unclear how to explain what I do and how to structure my discussions with potential clients.
Now I am really clear in explaining what I do, I have a structured approach to the work and I am clear about how to present this professionally to potential clients. Emma’s approach is practical and informative offering advice that really helped me to see what steps to take next. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her if you would like some help to become clear about your business.

Catherine Morgan Catherine Morgan
CM Coaching


(Easily organise your ideas into a simple, streamlined flow of offers)

Do you have lots of ideas about how to serve your clients, but you’re not sure where to start?

The Profit Pyramid easily organises all the ideas you have into a simple, dynamic framework.  Suddenly you see how all the pieces fit together, so you know exactly how to plan your year and predict your income. 

Here’s a sampling of what I'll coach you on in this module:

  •  Stop giving away all your time on your least income producing activitiesProfit Pyramid
  • Easily organise your ideas into a simple, streamlined flow of offers so you can plan your year and predict your income
  • Which price point in your Profit Pyramid you should focus on first
  • Confidently choose which ideas to implement first, next and so on (so you make more money quickly)
  • The secret to creatively adding new income streams – with minimal effort
  • How to "stack" your offers so one leads naturally to another, creating a cascade of cash flow month after month
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(Create amazing results for your clients while working fewer hours for significantly more income)

Every business has the opportunity to offer packages and the benefits are huge – you serve clients who truly desire what you have to offer, while you work fewer hours for significantly more income.  This could be what catapults your reputation, too.

Take a look at some of what I'll coach you on in detail:

  • Shift out of the trading hours for money model and into the mindset of owning your packagesvalue
  • Step by step, create packages based on results instead of "process" or time
  • Stop overloading your packages, saving you tons of time and energy
  • Trim the number of days worked each month, freeing your time and increasing your happiness
  • Re-energise your offers with packages that are client attractive, highly appealing and practically sell themselves

Before working with Emma I had been dreaming of starting my own business for over 10 years but never got further than an idea in my head. Now (with 2 children under 2) I am closer than ever to making my dream a reality...A solid action plan including things I am working on now to attract actual paying clients and get my business up and running. Most importantly, I feel so inspired and finally have the confidence to really go for it and stop making excuses.

Emma Middleton Emma Middleton


(Learn to handle any pricing situation with ease and integrity)

If you struggle with how much to charge and how to confidently state your fees, you are not alone.

This module gets to the heart of the matter and provides you with practical tools so you can handle any pricing situation with ease and integrity.

Here are just some of the highlights of this module: coins in hand small

  •  A powerful exercise that immediately gives you a fresh perspective on the value of your offerings (and will transform doubt about what to charge into authentic confidence)
  • What to say when clients ask, "How much do you charge?"
  • Easily solve the problem of what to charge for each of your services, programmes, products or packages
  • Create your personalised "pricing mindset" for unshakable confidence and belief in charging higher fees
  • Quickly determine what to charge to create value, without over-delivering or creating overwhelm
  • Create authentic and respectful boundaries so you experience fewer problems such as over-delivering, undercharging or late client payments

From the moment I met Emma she put me at ease with the daunting task of starting my own business. She took the time to explain everything in layman's terms and has held my hand through every stage of the process.

Zara Watson, CertRP Zara Watson, CertRP
Network Scientific Ltd


Throughout our coaching together, you will experience these critical shifts in your mindset and beliefs, helping you to attract more clients and generate greater income.

For example, I’ll coach you to:

  • Get "unhooked" from your emotional triggers so you can make decisions with grace and easebutterfly
  • See any challenging situation from different perspectives and make authentically powerful and aligned choices
  • Create unstoppable motivation and commitment to reaching your goals
  • Keep from getting stuck in your story so you can move forward towards your goals and dreams
  • Shift your mindset from "I can't" to "I CAN!"

So, are you ready to attract new, amazing clients and generate more income in your business?

Here's What You'll Get When You Enrol in

A proven path to creating a profitable, unique and authentic business that will support you and your family for life

This training is split into 5 modules (see above) over 26 weeks and includes:

  • 1 Private Kick-Start 'Money Breakthrough' Coaching Session (Month 1) - to really get you off to a flying start making back your coaching investment
  • 1 Private 'Branding With Archetypes' VIP 1/2 Day (Month 1) - see Bonus#1 below! -
    together we'll reveal your inner brilliance and unique, authentic brand!
  • Two 1-on-1 30 minute coaching calls per month (Months 2-5) - call 1 is a training call where I'll walk you step-by-step through the worksheets, exercises, checklists and scripts you need and you'll come away with specific action steps to complete, call 2 is our Q&A and coaching time together.
  • Four pre-recorded Money Breakthrough Method training calls - in addition to our live coaching calls I'll train you on creating and keeping more money in your business and personal life.
  • Platinum Monthly Accountability Journal - my gorgeous, branded journal to help you stay on track with your assignments!
  • Three 10-minute emergency coaching calls - use these during the 6 months when a business 'emergency' crops up and you need help!
  • Priority email access for quick questions and feedback during your programme - my special Ignite clients have a dedicated email address to use.
  • Done-for-you templates, checklists and scripts

This format breaks the work down into manageable chunks and gives you plenty of time to ask questions and get feedback from me.

You'll also get access to my new PRIVATE COACHING & MENTORING FACEBOOK PAGE so we can connect there too.facebook

I've put this training together to give you the breakthrough you really need in your business.

The only catch? You really need to do the work.

Admission to this coaching is by conversation only. It isn't for everyone and it's important that we both know it's right for you before you sign up.

To get all of your questions answered request a conversation today.

When you sign up you'll receive access to some great additional bonuses too...talking of which...

2 Great Bonuses

My goal is to give you all the support you need to help you kick-start your business so I'm throwing in 2 great bonuses:


(VALUE: £197)

bonus_bigger_redDo you frequently find yourself short of money despite constantly trying to earn more? Do you under-earn even though you’re sure you’re worth so much more?

Trust me. I see this happening all the time to women in business (I’ve been there too) and it makes me so frustrated because IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!mbm-certcoach-lg

If you’ve always worked hard, but have not managed to create the results you wanted from your business for you and your family and are now ready to make a serious commitment to change, let me help you.

As a student of the Ignite Programme, I'm offering you a complimentary 'Money Breakthrough Session' with me (by phone or Skype) to explore what your biggest challenge is around money and how that’s affecting your personal and business growth…and what you can do to have a serious breakthrough.

You'll receive an email with the link to my personal diary so you can choose a day/time to chat that suits you.

It's quite possible that the results you get from this call alone will be worth the entire investment - before we even really start!



(Reveal Your Inner Brilliance & Authentic Brand)

(VALUE: £697)


There’s a unique part of you that many women business owners mistakenly believe they have to hold back.

In this private 1/2 day of training with me, you’ll discover your Brand Archetype, which unlocks the powerful, instantly recognisable presence within you that’s a client-attraction and opportunity magnetbwa-image

Here's a peek at just some of what you'll discover in this exciting module:

  • Capture your spirit, personality and passion into an authentic brand promise you can use in all your marketing
  • Instantly create a hot marketing message (you'll love the template I’ll coach you through in this module)
  • Confidently choose your website design and images, write attention- getting emails, sales copy and marketing material (even if you're not a writer!)
  • Identify your unique brilliance and use it as a powerful catalyst for focusing your gifts and talents on your most profitable actions
  • Use your Brand Archetype to immediately begin growing your business

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At the end of this programme you'll have EXACTLY what you need to attract your ideal clients and generate more income in your business

Here are just a few of the results you can expect to experience as a result of our working together in this programme...

  •  You break through your inner obstacles regarding your fees, so your business can thrive with greater revenue and profits
  • You have a clear plan to grow your business, PLUS the coaching, tools, and ongoing support to implement it
  • You become the inspiring leader of your business you are meant to be
  • Working in your business is creative and meaningful, not stressful or difficult
  •  You finally have a financially successful business that you love

So, now you may be thinking "Emma, this sounds perfect for someone like do I get in?"

Consider for just a minute what having a financially successful business means to you – more freedom, helping more people, generating more income, spending more time with people you care about.

  • What if you had the coaching, the practical tools and the mindset breakthroughs to eliminate any doubts that are holding you back…what would be possible for you in your business and your personal life?looking at horizon
  • Knowing that struggling on your own is costing you in time, money, and energy – are you willing to invest NOW to get on the path to success in your business and your life?

Admission is by conversation only. To get all of your questions answered request a conversation today.

The next step is easy… click here to request a personal conversation to see if Ignite is a fit for you.

There is no risk, no pressure and no payment is required. As a result of this personal conversation, you'll know if Ignite is right for you and you can make your final decision.

Take us up on the Ignite training challenge...

If you're intrigued about Ignite but wondering how it may apply to you and your business, you're invited to take us up on the "Is this right for me?" challenge. Tell me about your business and together we'll discover 3 or more ways you can use Ignite to attract more clients and generate more income.

There's no risk, no obligation and no pressure. Just an honest, exciting conversation about YOU and what is possible for your business.

So, to re-cap, here's what you're going to get:

  • 6 months' training, guidance and support from an experienced and certified coach & mentor, qualified accountant and business owner
  • A beautiful journal for you to take your own notes PLUS examples, scripts, templates and more for you to take away and use in your business immediately
  • BONUS #1 - 1-on-1 Money Breakthrough Kick-Start Session with Emma via phone or Skype (£297 VALUE)
  • BONUS #2 - Branding With Archetypes 1/2 VIP Day With Emma (£697 VALUE)
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Can you do this? Yes you can!

I know you can do this because I’ve worked with scores of women like you who are creating the business they want and making great money with the same systems I've implemented and you'll now learn in the Ignite training program.

I’m so excited to help you add clients, income and profit to your business doing what you love!

Click here to request a personal conversation to see if Ignite is a fit for you. Remember, there is no risk and no pressure (I promise!). As a result of this personal conversation, you'll know if Ignite is right for you and you can make your final decision.

Love and best wishes,


In case you want to know a bit more about me...

I believe passionately that we need to take control of our own lives to create the freedom we all want.

As a woman entrepreneur with a sought after skill you are perfectly placed to do just that.

I've found my freedom. And now I'm on a mission to help you find yours.Beer garden cropped

My intention is to equip, educate and empower you to create a business that supports the life you dream of.

I'm a qualified and experienced accountant and have owned my own home-based business  for 12 years.

My first business failed (I ran out of cash, basically) so I totally understand the frustration, fear and uncertainty felt by most women of the women I help.

Women who are desperate to turn the business they've got into the one they dreamed of when they first started out.

I can help you create what's next for you.

Click Here To Join Me