• Are you a family-centred, but ambitious woman working for yourself?
  • Do you suffer from the common problem of ‘roller-coaster’, inconsistent cash flow?
  • Do you sometimes find it difficult to decide what to charge people?
  • Do you want to increase your fees but worry that if you do, you won’t be able to get clients?
  • Do you feel guilty charging people who need your help?
  • Do you find yourself attracting clients who want to negotiate, knock you down in price or swap services with them?

Don’t despair!

There is a realistic path to charging what you’re worth and making the money you need in the hours you want.maternity leave

The problem is, if you’re like many self-employed women, you’ve fallen into the trap of charging clients by the hour or session and are now having to choose between earning more money and spending time doing things you want to do – I know, I’ve been there too!

You start to think that maybe you were better off in the relative ‘security’ of employment and end up wondering whether you really ought to look for a ‘proper’ job.

(You might even be hearing that from other people)

You’re in the right place if you…

Are desperate to make your own business a real success but are struggling to see how you can get past the money bit (you need to make money to be able to invest in yourself and your business but you need to invest to make money, right??)…

…Feel almost embarrassed speaking to other self-employed people about what you do because they all seem to be doing so much better than you

Have spent time, money and energy learning practical skills – auto-responders, web design, copywriting, Facebook ads – but still you can’t seem to get your act together...

maternity leave

Feel disappointed and guilty because you just don’t seem to have the extra time, money or feel-good factor you thought you’d have as a self-employed woman…

Have built up debts getting your business off the ground and just can’t seem to get in front…

Or maybe you’ve got stuck ‘just making ends meet’ and really want to have your own Money Breakthrough to take your business up a level (whatever level you might be at at this moment in time).

Any of this sound familiar?¬†You’re not alone!

You probably also know that ridding yourself of pricing doubts would solve all these problems because:

  • Being able to confidently and authentically charge what you’re worth means you can earn more money in less hours
  • Not being worried by what others think means you can focus on building a business that’s unique to you and in line with your values.
  • Having confidence in your own abilities (and value) helps you accept that ‘good enough is good enough’, stop procrastinating and just get your work ‘out there’!
  • Being able to make decisions about money from a less emotional stand-point allows you to make better, more objective decisions around everything – not just your business.
  • Understanding your own value will help you get over any guilt, embarrassment or fear around the debts you have and put a real-time plan in place to pay them off.

There has never been a better or easier time to enjoy your own Money Breakthrough – in fact, with interest rates non-existent, pensions under threat and decent pay rises rare, having your own small business (and making it work) is about the only way to secure the financial future you want for you and your family.

You, and you alone, are in control of what you do next

So, who am I and why should you listen to me anyway?